OPAL SYSTEMS floor heating is ideal for all types of construction (properly insulated) and is suitable for new build as well as renovation, “low energy” houses, wood frame houses, etc.

The reactivity of the OPAL SYSTEMS floor heating and its possibility of intermittent operation is perfectly suited for sleeping rooms, but also for buildings where the rate of occupation is limited or irregular (examples: businesses, holiday homes, medical offices, offices, etc.) and where the the inertia of conventional floor heating can have disadvantages.



Installation of OPAL SYSTEMS floor heating must be done on a sound, stable, flat and thermally (and possibly acoustically) insulated support. There are numerous possibilities. The choice depends on space limitations, level of insulation, type of insulation, cost, installation time, etc.

Installation can be floating, glued, stapled, etc., and can be done on the floor or the walls.

No top screed is necessary, which makes it possible to immediately lay the final flooring (even for wood floors). The time of loss of use of the building can therefore be reduced.


Random sources of heat (solar and internal gains) often represent quantities that are not negligible compared to the needs of a well insulated or extremely well insulated building. The reactivity of OPAL SYSTEMS then becomes a key factor in reducing the risks of overheating.


In the case of light, wood frame homes, OPAL SYSTEMS floor heating will be particularly suitable because of its light weight and the choice of the constituent materials (also wood), which ensures the perfect coherence of your project.


The light weight (12 kg/m²) and the small required space (<20 mm) of the OPAL SYSTEMS floor heating solution are often decisive arguments in renovation projects.

In the case of old buildings, the existing structure (system of beams and floor joists) will enable thermal and/or acoustic insulation between floors through the optimal use of available space.


The reactivity of OPAL SYSTEMS makes it an ideal heating system for smaller rooms often requiring short, quick heating periods.

In a shower room, the possibility of installing the system vertically in the walls of the stall provides additional unparalleled comfort.

To increase the power, a towel dryer can be placed in series with the floor heating. The two elements can be regulated by a simple thermostat valve placed on the towel dryer.


The occupation rate of these buildings is relatively predictable. However, their compactness and their solar and internal gains are significant.

Differentiated zones (depending on the orientation of the rooms, among other things) and programming adapted to the hours of occupation enable substantial energy savings to be achieved with high thermal comfort in heating as well as cooling.

The OPAL SYSTEMS light, reactive floor heating system will provide a very advantageous solution.


The choice of the heating system for a veranda depends on specific limitations:
- substantial needs for heating and cooling that are extremely variable and completely unpredictable
- appearance is an important concern
- lack of wall space (installation of radiator difficult if not impossible)

The OPAL SYSTEMS floor heating system is ideal. We have even developed an installation scheme specifically adapted to verandas, which makes it possible to increase the maximum permissible power.


Floor heating is considered the best solution for heating large, very high ceiling volumes such as sports halls, performance halls, heritage buildings or places of worship. These spaces generally have a low occupancy rate and it is often essential to maintain an atmosphere that is not hazardous to art exhibits or to preserve heritage floors.

Obtaining acceptable thermal and noise comfort with reasonable energy consumption therefore becomes a real problem for architects.

For all of these challenges, light OPAL SYSTEMS heating constitutes an advantageous solution. On a heritage floor, for example, it is simple to install an insulated, heated platform. Differentiated zones and programming adapted to the hours of occupation will make it possible to achieve substantial energy savings.


OPAL SYSTEMS floor heating connects to any type of boiler (oil, gas, condensation, pellets) and heat pumps, and offers an ideal solution for all expansion and rehab work, such as annexes, verandas, conversion of attic space, study room, studio, loft, mezzanine, etc.