For OPAL SYSTEMS, it is impossible to do good work without respecting our environment, our employees and our customers. That is why our team is strongly committed to the values we wish to convey through our product. This commitment also concerns ecology, origin, durability and quality of our work.


OPAL SYSTEMS floor heating received the 2013 Belgian Energy and Environment prize (Business Product Innovation Award category)

“This category rewards innovative actions resulting in obvious improvement in quality of life and a positive impact on the environment and usage of energy. These actions contribute to improving the well-being and prosperity of our society.”

The wood panels used by OPAL SYSTEMS (which represent the largest part of the emitter) are medium density fibre board (MDF) manufactured from recycled wood or wood from sustainably managed forests. They are recognized by the labels PEFC and FSC.

These panels have a formaldehyde emission level similar to that of natural wood.

They are used for industrial interior decoration applications and are moisture resistant.

pefc   fsc



OPAL SYSTEMS floor heating guarantees the constancy of quality of the material delivered, and perfect milling with respect to dimensions. A warranty certificate covers the tubes and accessories for 10 years from the date of installation.

According to legal provisions, a 10-year warranty is granted to the prime contractor/owner by the company that performs the installation of the system.